Gelness is a certified health product, exclusively for external use. Apply a small amount of the gel on the affected area and experience the naturally pure effect of CBD.

Gelness effectively delivers relief of muscular pain, joint pain, and skin ailments. The use of this gel also helps revitalise and boost your well-being.


Gelness is a product line of CBD containing gels. This is good news for people who want to enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD other than through an oral application. Transdermal means: absorption through the skin.

The Gelness product line contains only natural full plant CBD and actually contains the indicated percentage of CBD.

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Welcome to Gelz. Developers of products with naturally pure canabidiol. Better known under the abbreviation CBD and widely praised and recognized as a remedy for all kinds of physical and mental discomforts. CBD products are not new in themselves. But our formulas  are novel and the result of years of further development.
Effective absorption by the body is achieved through advanced technology used. More than 10 years of research in Canada (cradle of development in CBD) has resulted in product formulas that guarantee a faster, better absorption in the body, so that the active substances are used to their full potential.

CBD info

All our CBD products developed have been extensively tested and meet all legal requirements. The products meet a growing demand and have been developed together with specialists in the field. 
CBD is widely praised for its powerful benefits, but is not yet recognised as a medicine by the government. It is currently sold as a dietary supplement. 
The usage of CBD can offer a wide range of benefits for various problems. (THC, CBD and the health effects of hash and weed, update 2016. Trimbos-instituut
Gelz products contain the so-called full plant CBD and no Tetrahydocannabinol (THC). The CBD used by Gelz is laboratory certified. No side effects are known for CBD, but CBD can, in certain cases, increase or decrease the effect of other medication.
The new products are based on formulas developed in Canada in the past 10 years and have been further developed in the Netherlands to increase the speed and quantity of CBD absorption in the bloodstream. This increases the effectiveness of our CBD products compared to other CBD products on the market.


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